Content is all about semantics. Which means, words

The Most Relevant knows that words, frankly, are perhaps the most relevant part of your entire digital marketing plan. Sure, graphics and photos can tell 1,000 words, but are they the right words? Having actual words in your marketing can help steer a viewer of that photo into thinking about the words you want them to think about when it comes to your brand, your company or your website.


Individuals treat blogs like journals, but for your company this can be fresh content that markets a particular service or customer problem that your company can solve. The company can use this as a journal as well; maybe you are getting a series of calls about a particular topic, and you can use the blog to address it. Or you have a new product to launch and you are super-excited; you can write about it here. This is where your website can get refreshed more often with current content that is timely and engaging for your audience. Maybe even shareable!

Website Content

The Most Relevant, to paraphrase Donald Trump, has many great words, the best words, to use on your website to help tell you story and present your products and services in an informative yet engaging way. Your website is where you introduce yourself to your visitors. It is your front porch, and we create content in the right way so you have positive curb appeal.

Offsite Articles

Everyone wants to work with an expert. And your business should have some expertise in something, or what's the point in being in business? Posting an offsite article is a good way to show some authority. Our content writers can produce an authoritative article about some topic in your industry that can be seen on a trade site or journal site or some other prominent source, and while it won't overtly sell your business, having an authoritative article with links to your business can be a valuable tool in generating visitors outside of the bubble of customers and social-media followers. Which leads us to ...

Email/Social Media

The Most Relevant knows all content, and it thrives on these pithy items called e-mails and social media posts. Those on your e-mail list are like social media followers - they are used to quick little bites and they don't want to use much attention span. You have to make your point quickly but get readers motivated to click through and visit your site to engage them in your company. Whether it's a direct e-mail campaign, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - words are precious, and The Most Relevant produces the most relevant words to make your point effectively.

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